eCOGRA launches Global Online Gambler Survey

The player protection and standards authority eCommerce and Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance launched its Global Online Gambler Survey today which cover gambling topics such as poker, casinos, player protection, responsible gaming and luck. The survey is expected to reach millions of poker and casino players worldwide through online gambling portals, software providers, and eCOGRA's contact database.

"Our aim all along has been to maximize participation in this groundbreaking project, one of the largest of its kind undertaken in any field. Very few players on reputable sites will remain unaware of the survey in the coming weeks and we would urge everyone to complete it in full," said Andrew Beveridge, eCOGRA CEO.

"The results will give gamblers and organizations a better understanding of how this rapidly expanding industry has developed and where it might be heading, informing future decisions that we hope will ultimately lead to a greater improvement of standards across all aspects of the industry."

The survey was devised by a team from Nottingham Trent University and supported by the University of Nevada. The purpose of the survey is to create a better understanding of players' needs and concerns by soliciting opinions directly from the players about what makes a rewarding and safe online gambling experience.

"This survey comes at a critical time in the United States," said Frank Catania, eCOGRA board member. "By working with two universities that are experts in this area, we're able to offer online gamblers a chance to express themselves, and tell us about their experiences with the online gaming industry."

Starting in October, the initial survey will also be supplemented by focus groups in six of the online gaming industry's major markets: United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Germany, and Sweden. eCOGRA expects to release the resulting "Global Online Gambler Report" in January.

Anyone interested in taking the survey can find it at

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