3-Minute Guide to Successful Set-Mining (Poker Strategy Video)

Set Mining
Sets are one of the biggest money-making hands for beginner and intermediate players.

Set-mining is a powerful poker strategy move that you can learn today in under three minutes.

Set-mining is when you call a preflop raise with the main intention of flopping a set and it's a great move for the beginner to intermediate player because it takes a lot of the guesswork out of your post-flop play.

If you flop a set, try to get as much money into the pot. If you miss, shut down and try to get to showdown.

When you become more experienced you'll learn that you don't always have to flop a set to win the pot, but until then you can make things easy on yourself by keeping it really simple.

Watch the video below for the basics of set-mining profitably and continue your studies with this more in-depth article on set-mining.

Three Keys to Successful Set-Mining

Set-mining is a straight-forward way to win big pots but there are a few key concepts you need to know to do it successfully.

First, it's always better to be in position and that's definitely true for trying to flop a set.

Second, you're only going to flop a set about once in eight flops so you have to win a big pot when you do. Look for loose raisers with lots of chips and multi-way pots to increase your chances of getting paid.

Finally, there are lots of lines you can take when you do flop a set but generally speaking it's better to play it fast and start building a pot on the flop.

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acesacesaces 2015-05-08 12:46:59

Definitely remember learning set-mining as a beginner. One of the easiest ways to win big pots and not have to think too hard ;)

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