Eastern Europe busts at PartyPoker.com cup

The East's fate was all but locked down at the final table of the PartyPoker.com East vs. West Cup. But the game was poker and nothing - not even an early player advantage - could ensure victory for the roster of Eastern players.

Thomas Jensen, a 31-year-old butcher and online qualifier for the €100,000 freeroll (pictured above left), stole the win and €12,500 for Western European poker.

Not that the East had a shot at first place - Jensen met with his team captain, the U.K.'s David Ulliott in heads-up play at the Concord Card Casino in Vienna, Austria.

The televised tournament saw two teams of 50 online qualifiers from Eastern and Western Europe play to a final table of 10. There, Eastern players gained an early edge on their neighbors by knocking three Western competitors in rapid succession.

But even a 5-2 player advantage and Tony G's mind-numbing table talk weren't enough to lock down the victory.

Embattled Team East captain Tony G - who lives in Australia but is of Lithuanian origin - finished third after being taken down by the Dane, leaving Ulliott to head the smack-talking department.

"It didn't take long to send Tony "el donkey" G to the bar for three cheeseburgers and a coffee," Ulliott said of his teammate Jensen's takedown.

Not bad for a player competing in his first major tournament.

"I'm not really a big time player," Jensen said. "Everything seemed to go right for me on the day but I felt a lot more pressure when I hit the televised table and the captains were on there with me. There was so much talking and I had to concentrate even harder."

Final results for the PartyPoker.com East vs. West Cup are as follows:

1stThomas Jensen Denmark €12,500
2nd David "Devilfish" Ulliott U.K.€10,000
3rd Tony G Lithuania €8,000
4th Balazs Csermely Hungary €5,500
5th Marek Kolk Estonia €4,000
6th Dado Philapovic Croatia €3,000
7th Szilard Sas Hungary €2,500
8th Ivo Donev Austria €2,000
9th Michael Johansson Sweden €1,500
7th Maxi Muller Germany €1,000

The remaining €50,000 was split among players from Team West.

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