Earn VIP Status 10x Faster at PokerStars in August

Randy Lew
PokerStars Team Pro Randy Lew.

PokerStars has announced August is VIP Club Mega Month with VIP Player Point (VPP) requirements dropped to just 10% of their normal value.

That means for just 75 VPPs (roughly $14 in rake) players can reach SilverStar status and keep it until the end of September.

Just 300 VPPs will get you to GoldStar status (normally 3000 VPPs) and only 750 VPPs will get you to PlatinumStar level (normally 7500 VPPs).

Climbing the VIP levels benefits you in two ways as you both earn more Frequent Player Points (FPPs) for the same amount of play and get better overall value for your points.

A SilverStar player earns a 1.5x multiplier on FPPs. GoldStar and PlatinumStar status earns 2x and 2.5x multipliers on FPPs respectively.

For a frame of reference, playing 37 $10+1 poker tournaments will you earn you 200 VPPs before the multiplier.

If you make it to PlatinumStar level, you also get access to a $100,000 freeroll in September.

Players who reach the higher VIP levels in August can keep their status level until the end of September but will need to earn the regular, full VPP requirements in Sept. to maintain the same status level for October.

As part of VIP Club Mega Month, PokerStars is also running a VIP store sale with special discounts.

September also sees the start of the 2011 PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP), with 62 events and $30 million in guaranteed prize pools.

For more info on PokerStars, check our PokerStars review.

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