Earn as you go at PokerRoom.com

First to the top of the hill gets $2,500 at PokerRoom.com. The site is offering King of the Hill sit-and-go tournaments that allow players to collect cash and prizes while on their way to winning the main event.

There isn't a direct buy-in for the tournament's steps, but players can enter three feeder events at any level. Buy-ins start at $1+20¢ and at each qualifying step tickets to the next stage are awarded in addition to cash winnings.

That way, even if players don't make it to the final they can get their cash back.

PokerRoom.com pegs the sit-and-go events as a bridge between qualifier and cash tournaments.

The winner of the final earns $2,500, with $650 allotted for second place and $350 for third.

In Step 3, a first or second place finish wins cash and tickets to the final and the player in third place will receive his Step 3 ticket back.

The top two finalists at Step 2 will take home cash and tickets to Step 3; the third place contender receives his Step 2 ticket back. At the first step, players one and two win cash and advancement to step three while third place earns back his Step 1 seat.

The tickets players win in the feeders are the only way to the steps. All tournaments offered are 10-player sit-and-gos, with the exception of the 20-man $1+20¢ feeder.

Tournaments are located under the new sit-and-go "Specials" tab on the site.

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