Dwan vs. South: The $1.2 Million Dollar Day

Tom Dwan

After crushing Cole South in back-to-back heads up matches, Tom “durrrr” Dwan has clawed his way up to over $1.2 million in profit for 2010 so far.

Ever since his massive string of losses to Isildur1 in late 2009, Dwan's online results have been inconsistent at best, leading many skeptics to believe he no longer had what it takes to beat the biggest games online.

In a mid December interview with PokerListings Dwan seemed confident and unfazed by his negative results, addressing his skeptics who had been anonymously flaming him across multiple poker forums.

"It hasn't been the best year," he said. "But if anyone doesn't think that it's a downswing then they are welcome to cross book me in any game I play in. That's all I have to say."

It's beginning to look like Dwan was telling the truth, stealing fifth spot on the 2010 high stakes leaderboard last night after taking a massive bite out of South, the year's top performer so far.

South, who had been leading all high-stakes comers with $3.5 million in profit, lost a total of $1.2 million yesterday across two sessions, one in the early morning and the other late last night.

Out of the $1.2 million, Dwan is responsible for over $800k, won mostly playing heads-up Pot Limit Omaha.

Last night's heads-up match on Full Tilt came after Dwan lost $156,386 playing $200/$400 Cap-PLO, and South dumped $25,418 from a variety of PLO games.

The two moved to $200/$400 heads-up PLO where Dwan proceeded to crush South for $457,852 over a 668-hand session.

The largest pot of the session came in at over $130k after both players got it all in with straight draws and over-pairs. Even though South led on the flop with a pair of kings, one of Dwan's many outs came through on the river as he spiked a nine for the nut straight.

The two-hour heads-up session would be the last hands either player would play on the day.

Below are three of the largest pots of the match. To view more high-stakes online hands, head to MarketPulse.


Dwan drawing thinner than he had hoped.



South drawing stone-cold dead.



Aces vs. kings, both double-suited.

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