Dwan dumps first match in live durrrr challenge

Tom Dwan
Tom Dwan lost to Marcello "luckexpress" Marigliano in the Full Tilt durrrr Million Dollar Challenge's first of three matches.

Italian Marcello "luckexpress" Marigliano bested Tom "durrrr" Dwan in the opening match of the Full Tilt durrrr Million Dollar Challenge in London Tuesday.

The players bought in for $250,000 each and after 12 hours of play at the Les Ambassadeurs club, Marigliano was up $22,500.

"In the end I won a small amount, but I'm happy though, as I won with bluffs," said Marcello. "He raised a lot pre-flop and you have to play tight, but I made some good moves and I'm happy I proved I can play with Tom."

It was a back and forth affair featuring 11 hours of No-Limit Hold'em followed up by an hour of Pot-Limit Omaha with both players down over $100,000 on more than one occasion.

In the end, durrrr won 55% of the pots, but several key hands and larger pots went the Italian's way.

Marcello first moved ahead in the match bluffing the newly minted Team Full Tilt Pro off of a $100k pot with king-high.

Dwan reloaded and chipped away until he was $100k up, but Marcello struck back hard flopping a full house to get even and taking the lead with a flush over flush hand.

The players switched to PLO in the final hour of play and although durrrr came back, he couldn't get all the way there before 500 hands and 12 hours were through.

"It was a really aggressive match," said Dwan. "It's so crazy that at the end there was just a 25k difference - that's absurd. It's so unlikely that one of us didn't lose 500k.

"I was up 150k at one or two points and down 200k - but it still wasn't as swingy as I thought it would be. We didn't have many big hand versus big hand spots, or even medium hand versus medium hand spots. I expect there to be more action in the matches with ziigmund and Sammy George."

The durrrr versus Ilari "ziigmund" Sahamies match is already underway in London and the Full Tilt durrrr Million Dollar Challenge presented by Matchroom Sport will end with Dwan playing George Thursday.

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