Dwan Drops Another $200k to Cates in durrrr Challenge

Tom Dwan
More hands, more ground to make up for durrrr.

So first things first: At long last the epicly delayed durrrr-Jungleman12 Challenge resumed last night with a relatively staggering 1,500 hands played.

With roughly 30,000 hands still to go before the Challenge is through it's a drop in the bucket, but considering their last session lasted only 100 hands it's a veritable boon.

Only problem for durrrr: at the end of the session it was more of the same old story as he dropped another $200k to fall even further behind.

Comeback by durrrr Thwarted by Jungleman

After a big buildup in August that resulted in little action the Challenge fired back up again around 6 pm ET last night with a fairly innocuous tweet from Cates tipping things off:

As Cates explained in an interview at the Battle of Malta he had reasonable hopes the two would get some hands in shortly and Dwan, this time, delivered.

Originally sitting down at 3 tables of $200/$400 NL the two quickly bumped it up to four and gave the fans a real session to sink their teeth into.

Dan Cates
Jungleman: Deadly serious about getting some hands in.

Playing for around six hours durrrr even surged out to a nice lead for most of the battle before Cates came roaring back in the last 1.5 hours to book the $200k win.

With another 1,500 hands down Cates' overall lead in the Challenge now sits around $1.2 million.

At least 4,000 hands are expected per month, Cates says, so keep your eyes peeled for more action shortly.

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