Dwan Drops $225k

Tom Dwan
Tom Dwan

Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan continue to wage war on the Full Tilt high stakes tables this week but with very different results.

After winning nearly $400k on Sunday, disaster struck durrrr last night when he played a prolonged heads-up battle against unidentified online player O Fortuna PLS.

The game was $2,000/$4,000 Limit Hold'em and Dwan sat for three hours, played 585 hands and got absolutely wrecked by O Fortuna PLS.

Although the suckouts aren't quite as sick in Limit Hold'em, it was obvious that O Fortuna PLS did get some help from the cards

In one $20k pot, O Fortuna PLS rivered trip fives with K 5 in the hole. In another pot that exceeded $20k O Fortuna PLS hit a three-outer to make a better two-pair than Dwan.

When the damage had finally been tabulated, Dwan had taken a $242,056 hit and may stay away from the Limit Hold'em for a few days.

It was a very different experience for fellow Team Full Tilt Pro Phil Ivey who played over 1,000 hands in the last 24-hours in a variety of games.

Ivey's best session came against online player deprimiert, who he crushed for $372,847 in 334 hands of $2,000/$4,000 Limit Hold'em.

Ivey also recorded a solid $300/$600 PLO Six-Max session against the likes of Cole South, Vaga_Lion and trex313 where he won $178,537.

It wasn't all good, however, as Ivey lost $129k to Jared "Harrington25" Bleznick at $500/$1,000 PLO and another $60k in $500/$1,000 CAP No-Limit Hold'em to R-Quaresma.

In total Ivey finished up $392,977, which continues the exceptional summer he's been having. If Ivey keeps up this pace he could potentially pass durrrr on the 2010 cash game earnings leaderboard.

Below are some of the biggest pots from the Ivey and Harrington25 match. For more hand replays head to our online poker stats page.


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