Dwan destroys opponents for over $700k

Tom Dwan
High-stakes poker is no joke!

Tom "durrrr" Dwan continued his endless quest to get even for 2009 yesterday.

The New Jersey poker prodigy spent his time on a table that included the likes of Brian Townsend, SirWatts, Chau Giang, OMGClayAiken and ahtata as well as playing some heads-up against Luke "__FullFlush1__" Schwartz.

Dwan, who was perhaps inspired by watching some of his solid play on High Stakes Poker on Sunday, absolutely wrecked the full table, scooping countless $100k pots.

Dwan's biggest hand came against Chau Giang and SirWatts.

Incredibly, all three players shoved preflop in the draw-heavy game that is PLO. Dwan hit a straight and that was enough to rake a $143,074 pot.

The heads-up match against __FullFlush1__ wasn't quite as inspiring, as durrrr hit a lucky river card in a $71,190 hand and Schwartz decided that was enough.

By the end of the night Dwan had won close to $700,000. Dwan has been playing well lately and while he was rumored to be down close to $4 million at one point, he's now much closer to being down around $2 million.

Although Dwan was the story of the night, it's also worth noting that Brian "sbrugby" Townsend (whom many would call the original durrrr) continues to have a renaissance of sorts.

Townsend won the biggest pot of the night worth $205,200 against durrrr and ahtata. Townsend hit the nut flush on the river of the hotly contested hand to scoop the pot.

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Check below for a highlight reel of the night's biggest hands:

Huge hand for durrrr

Brian Townsend likes the river

__FullFlush1__ gets unlucky

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