Dwan vs. Isildur in New $100k Heads-Up Challenge

Viktor Blom

Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom will start another chapter in their high-stakes online rivalry this Sunday with a $100k winner-take-all No-Limit Hold’em challenge on Full Tilt Poker.

Set for 3 pm ET Sunday (Dec. 9), the two will each put up $100k across four heads-up NLHE tables and battle until one of them is broke.

The challenge will be reminiscent of their epic battles back in November 2009, where Isildur ran over Durrrr over the course of a week at the $500/$1,000 tables to the tune of $5 million in profit.

This wil be their first official match as members of The Professionals, the relaunched Full Tilt Poker's new pro team that also includes Gus Hansen.

Players looking to rail the action can log in to the Full Tilt Poker client on Sunday and search for "durrrr" or "Isildur1."

Blom initiated the challenge with a series of Tweets this week:

Now that Dwan's accepted, Blom is looking forward to the challenge:

Check the tale of the tape below:

Dwan v Blom3
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