Dusk Till Dawn poker club opening delayed

Yet another hurdle has been put in place for the owners of Dusk Till Dawn to get over before the poker club can be opened in Nottingham.

After already delaying the club's opening for several months, now Dusk Till Dawn will have to wait until at least September to open its doors because of objections from three casino operators in the city.

The casinos, two of which aren't even open yet themselves, placed objections during a Nottingham Magistrates Court hearing last week, resulting in the card club being denied a license.

Their complaint was that there isn't enough demand for a card room in the area, but Rob Yong, Dusk Till Dawn managing director, said the club has already had more than 3,000 applications for membership.

Dusk Till Dawn has been in the works since April 2005. It is planned to be 21,000 sq. ft. and have a seating capacity of 500 players, making it Europe's biggest poker club.

According to ATE online, it would also be the U.K.'s first legal card room if licensed.

The club was originally due to open in November 2006. The delays are costing the club quite a bit.

"We have already recruited all of the key staff, and the premises are ready," said Yong in a statement on the Dusk Till Dawn Web site, "but each month that we are delayed will cost a further £100,000 in wages and running costs."

Yong also expressed that they are still committed to following through with the project.

"I have never made anyone redundant in my life, and am committed to seeing this through until the end," he said.

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