durrrr wins $600k, can't beat Ivey

Tom Dwan
durrrr, durrrr, durrrr. Are you listening now?

Last night Dwan sat with an epic $2 million spread over the various tables he was playing and killed it on almost every one.

Dwan was primarily focused on a pair of Team Full Tilt Pros, one being Phil Ivey and the other Gus Hansen.

In one of the biggest hands of the night Hansen got all-in with two-pair and a flush draw versus Dwan's top-pair and a better flush draw. Dwan hit a better two pair on the turn and that was enough to secure him a $227,984 pot.

By the end of their session Dwan had profited over $500,000 from the Danish pro.

However, he was not able to replicate the same success with Ivey.

In the biggest hand of the entire night, Ivey and durrrr both turned a straight, but Ivey rivered a full house to take a massive $285,418 pot.

By the end of his night Dwan had tallied around $600,000 in profits and is getting very close to being down only $1 million for the year.

Perhaps if he finally gets even he can begin to seriously concentrate on what the entire poker world else has been talking about - The durrrr Challenge.

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Check below to see how it all played out in PokerListings' hand re-player.

Nice freeroll for Phil Ivey

durrrr takes one from Gus Hansen

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