durrrr wins $280k pot, still loses half a million

Tom Dwan

Say what you will about Tom "durrrr" Dwan, but you've got to appreciate his dedication to online poker.

These days Dwan is starting to approach Gus Hansen levels of degeneracy with all-night PLO sessions and million dollar swings a regular occurrence.

Last night was no exception as Dwan played into the wee hours of the morning against fellow pros Hansen, David Benyamine, John Juanda, LarsLuzak and HarrisMP. Most of the games were played at $300/$600 stakes.

In the biggest hand of the session, durrrr flopped two-pair against LarzLuzak and HarrisMP, dodged both straight and flush draws, hit a set of kings on the river and raked a $280,000 pot. The pot was large enough to take top honors in MarketPulse's biggest pots in the last 24 hours.

Unfortunately for Dwan, he also was attached to the next three biggest pots, losing all of them, including a $160,000 pot against Juanda, a $155,000 pot against LarsLuzak and another $129,000 against Juanda.

By the time the session finally wrapped up, Dwan looked to be down approximately $500,000. However, he still ranks in the top 10 winners this year with about $800,000 in profits. Earlier this year Dwan was down by nearly $4 million.

Juanda looked to be one of the biggest winners of the session with several $100,000 pots going his direction. Richard "Chufty" Ashby continues to be a dominant player in the high stakes games as well, with nearly $1 million in profit for July.

Patrik Antonius still appears to be the biggest winner of the year, however, with about $4.5 million in profits.

The online high-stakes games continue to be well-populated and railbirds are hoping the action will last until at least the World Poker Tour event in L.A. at the end of August.

Check below for the top three biggest hands from the last 24 hours:

It's all durrrr.

Ship it to JJ.

Nut-flush for LarsLuzak

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