durrrr rakes epic $594k pot from ziigmund

Ilari Sahamies
ziigmund: $1 million is nothing in these games.

Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Ilari "ziigmund" Sahamies played the biggest heads-up session of the year last night, and durrrr walked away with one of the biggest pots in online poker history.

Some are already calling it one of the sickest heads-up sessions in the history of online poker.

Although that assessment may seem a bit premature, durrrr certainly enjoyed the match.

When all was said and done, Dwan had demolished the aggressive Finn to the tune of a cool million. It's safe to say that durrrr is MarketPulse for a comprehensive breakdown of all the high-stakes action, or download the Full Tilt client and rail the action for yourself.

Check out the top three biggest hands of the durrrr/ziigmund session below:

The big one

Even the nut flush is no good for ziggy

ziigmund finally gets some revenge

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