durrrr downs Ziigmund in second challenge match

Ilari Sahamies
After beating Ilari Sahamies, Tom Dwan is 1-1 in the Full Tilt durrrr Million Dollar Challenge.

Tom "durrrr" Dwan took down the second match in the Full Tilt durrrr Million Dollar Challenge Wednesday, defeating online rival Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies in an up and down affair.

The two traded pots for the better part of 12 hours before Dwan took the lead late and held on to defeat Sahamies by a slim $68,000.

The game was Pot-Limit Omaha and the match began at the Les Ambassadeurs club in London with both players buying in for $250,000.

The pace was notably faster than the first match, where Italian Marcello "luckexpress" Marigliano edged out Dwan by a mere $22,500.

Making lightning fast decisions as if they were playing online, Dwan and Sahamies were averaging 50 hands per hour right from the outset.

Sahamies took an early lead forcing Dwan to reload an additional $250,000 in just the second hour of play, but Dwan fought back.

Down close to $350,000 before pushing all in with middle pair and a flush draw against Sahamies aces, Dwan turned trips to get back in the match.

The two could be found playing Chinese Poker for $5,000 a point through every break, while in the meantime, durrrr drew even on the challenge felt, forcing ziigmund to add another $250,000 to his stack.

Dwan took the lead flopping trips and turning a full house against Sahamies kings, but Sahamies struck back soon after, hitting a miracle river card when Dwan had flopped trips again.

Dwan tied things up flopping a set of fives and then took a slight lead getting paid off after rivering two pair against Sahamies aces.

The lead changed hands yet again, but in just the final few hands of the night, both players flopped trip kings and durrrr turned a full house to drag a sizable pot and end the match up $68,000.

The third and final match in the Full Tilt durrrr Million Dollar Challenge presented by Matchroom Sport is already underway in London with Dwan playing No-Limit Hold'em against Sammy George.

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