durrrr Challenge: The half way mark and more

Tom Dwan
durrrr leads his own challenge with only 25k hands to go.

It has been almost eight months since the first hand was dealt, but Tom Dwan and Patrik Antonius finally crossed the half way mark on their road to 50,000 hands last night.

Possibly getting underway with the half-way goal in mind, the latest session in the durrrr Challenge only ended after a total of 1,063 hands were played.

Coming back to life recently after a long stretch of mediocre results, Dwan put the boot to Antonius, extending his challenge lead to almost $700,000 by the end of the night.

The largest pot of the session, worth just over $194k, began with Antonius and Dwan in a raising war pre-flop. After Dwan four-bet to $18,000, Antonius decided to just call and see a flop.

The flop fell 5 K 8, Dwan opened for a pot-sized bet of $36,000 and Antonius called for a little less than half his stack.

The turn brought the 7 and Dwan instantly bet the pot. Antonius called all-in for his final $43,497 only to see Dwan holding K K J Q for a set of kings.

Antonius had A 8 7 9 for two-pair and a gutshot and when the 4 river missed him, Dwan dragged the $194k pot.

The second largest pot of the session also belonged to Dwan, who won $187k after turning a flush and leaving Antonius drawing dead with aces.

By the end, the two players had wagered over $5 million, played for more than three hours, contested over 1,000 hands and Dwan added $418,000 to his lead.

With a little luck, reaching the halfway mark of the challenge will open the floodgates, bringing it all to a close before year end.

durrrr Challenge by the numbers:

  • 197,676,601: Total amount wagered in the challenge
  • 3,500,000: People in attendance for Rod Stewart's 1994 New Year's Concert in Brazil
  • 697,532: Amount durrrr is ahead
  • 25,145: Total hands played so far
  • 50.3: Percentage of challenge completed
  • 0: Number of girls sexier than Megan Fox

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