durrrr Challenge: Swing swonging along

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More swings than a Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Concert

After posting a win of $160,000 in the latest session of the durrrr Challenge, Tom Dwan has taken the lead back from Patrik Antonius.

Over the 803 hands played last night, Dwan managed to flip the results from down $80k to up $80k in just under three hours.

The largest hand of the night saw Dwan win over $155,000 on the button after hitting a back-door flush.

One of the most impressive statistics of the durrrr Challenge is found by comparing Dwan's results from the button with his results from the big blind.

The Contestants.

On the button, Dwan has won $1,035,246 so far. But from the big blind, he's lost $957,184.

This result, echoed by Antonius, shows that even in hyper-aggressive high-stakes Omaha, position is even more valuable than the cards.

durrrr Challenge by the numbers:

  • 64,269,981: Total money wagered in the challenge
  • 78,062: Amount durrrr is ahead
  • 80,422: Amount Antonius is behind
  • 2,360: Total Amount of rake made by Full Tilt
  • 185: Amount of rake made in the latest session
  • 10,983: Hands played (21.96% of total)
  • 4,124: Average pot size
  • 18: Total sessions played
  • 34:20: Total time played (HH:MM)

Here are the four largest hands of last night's durrrr Challenge session:


Set of Sixes no good

Top Set Holds

durrrr pairs the board FTW

Antonius has trouble pairing the board

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