durrrr Challenge: Over 10,000 hands played


The durrrr Challenge is humming right along with close to 1,000 hands played last night, bringing the total to 10,180 so far.

But shockingly, over the 890 hands played last night, only $1,430 actually changed hands, despite a total of seven pots worth over $100k and $6 million wagered.

By the end of the session, Tom Dwan was still stuck $81,452 to Patrik Antonius overall.

The largest pot of the night came in at $292,000 with durrrr flopping a wrap straight draw and the nut flush draw versus Antonius' top set. After getting it all in on the turn, the board failed to pair and Dwan hit his flush on the river to take it down.

durrrr chalenge 10180
The durrrr graph.

With over 20% of the Challenge now in the books, and just a scant lead for Antonius, the entire Challenge could come down to one lucky session, or even a well timed large pot.

Regardless of anyone's predictions before the Challenge had started, this thing is still very much up for grabs.

durrrr Challenge by the numbers:

  • 59,246,993: Total money wagered in the challenge
  • 79,277: Amount Antonius is ahead
  • 81,452: Amount durrrr is behind
  • 2,175: Amount of rake made by Full Tilt
  • 10,180: Hands played (20.36% of total)
  • 4,124: Average pot size
  • 17: Total sessions played
  • 31:40: Total time played (HH:MM)

Check below for visual representation of the biggest hands from the latest session of the durrrr Challenge:


The largest pot of the session

Top set is good

durrrr gives an expensive free card

durrrr hits one of his 900 outs

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