durrrr Challenge: Dwan takes control

Tom Dwan

In a session lasting exactly 400 hands, Tom Dwan took $274,000 from Patrik Antonius to regain the lead in the durrrr Challenge last night.

Keeping to the trend of playing as infrequently as possible, the durrrr Challenge finally saw some more action after a 26-day break Wednesday.

The largest hand of the session came after Dwan flopped a set of aces against Antonius' set of nines.

The turn brought a sliver of hope for the Finn, adding a straight draw to his list of outs, but Antonius failed to complete the suck-out on the river shipping the $240k pot, and the Challenge lead, to Dwan.

While durrrr fans the world over will undoubtebly be bouyed by Dwan's resurgence, the fact remains if the two players don't begin to put in longer sessions, most will likely have forgotten about the Challenge long before it ever ends.

In fact, if Dwan and Antonius play no more than 400 hands every 26 days, the challenge won't be finished for 4.7 years with the final hand dealt sometime around June 13, 2014.

Then again, if Dwan manages to make $274k in every 400-hand session, he'll end the challenge with over $18 million profit, not including the $500,000 side-action.

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durrrr Challenge by the numbers:

  • 181,320,977: Total amount wagered in the challenge
  • 110,000,000: Estimated total copies of MJ's Thriller sold worldwide
  • 235,453: Amount durrrr is ahead
  • 23,597: Total hands played so far
  • 47: Percentage of challenge completed
  • 8: Numbers of Grammys won by MJ for Thriller

Three hands of interest:

Set over set.

A sick flop.

Seems like an odd bluff to make.

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