durrrr Challenge: Dwan digs a deeper hole


Last night the online world saw a frenzy of Pot-Limit Omaha action and Tom Dwan was at the forefront of it all.

Not only did Dwan take on Patrik Antonius in the latest session of the durrrr Challenge, he also played seperate PLO heads-up sessions with no less than Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen and Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies.

In the durrrr Challenge session, Antonius increased his lead by beating Dwan out of just under $35k. The two players made bets worth over $7.6 million during the 700 hand session, bringing the total amount wagered to a staggering $91 million.

The largest pot of the session came on a flop of 9 4 J. Dwan's 10 J 4 K was good for top pair and an inside straight draw, but was a dog to Antonius's flopped top two with J 7 A 9. The turn brought the K giving Dwan a higher two pair and the money went in.

durrrr challenge 14249
The good news: durrrr still has 35k hands to catch up.

Antonius missed hitting an ace or a nine on the river and Dawn took down the $153,226 pot.

Aside from the $32,706 durrrr Challenge loss, Dwan was also involved in some massive heads-up pots with Ziigmund, Ivey and Hansen.

He couldn't miss against Ivey, beating him out of over $500k before they called it quits, and Dwan's run-good continued against Hansen at first.

He held a significant lead against the Great Dane for some time until the tide turned and Hansen made an impressive comeback, finishing the session up $350k.

Dwan then finished the night by playing some sick $3,000/$9,000 PLO against Ziigmund.

In the hour-long session, the two players managed to play six pots worth over $300k, each taking three a piece.

The largest pot saw a whopping $462,514 shipped to Ziigmund after he flopped the nut straight against durrrr's three-pair. It appeared the two broke even on the session.

durrrr Challenge by the numbers:

  • 91,001,705.50: Total amount wagered in the challenge
  • 9,500,000: Cost of a 2006 Learjet 60 SE
  • 520,000: Total prize-pool for the 1982 WSOP Main Event
  • 424,631: Amount Antonius is ahead
  • 32,706: Amount durrrr lost in the latest session
  • 14,249: Hands played
  • 4.554: Average pot size
  • 184: Number of hours played

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