durrrr Challenge: Dwan Back on the Grind

Tom Dwan
Things are looking up for Tom Dwan.

Tom “durrrr” Dwan is looking like his old self again after beating Ilarie "Ziigmund" Sahamies, Cole South, and Isildur1 out of almost $900k before losing $67,000 to Patrik Antonius in the durrrr Challenge last night.

Dwan’s night began at $200/$400 Pot-Limit Omaha where he sat heads-up with Sahamies and South. In the end, South took the worst of it, losing $304k over 230 hands, while Sahamies lost $144k in his shorter 77 hand session.

From there, Dwan moved on to play $300/$600 No-Limit Hold’em against his arch rival Isildur1. Isildur1 continued his bankroll slide, losing $360k in just over 250 hands.

The two rivals jumped up limits to $500/$1,000 for 70 hands with Dwan losing $94k before moving on.

The newly minted Team Full Tilt Pro's next three sessions were all extremely short. First he lost $21k in 33 hands of $300/$600 NLHE Versus 458854, then he lost $27k back to Sahamies across 55 hands of $500/$1,000 PLO.

Finally, Dwan made $228k from Sahamies over 50 hands of $300/$600 PLO.

At this point, up nearly $900k, Dwan sat with Antonius for the latest session of the durrrr Challenge.

The session lasted 588 hands, bringing the players up to 27,773 hands played - 56% of the 50,000 hand goal.

After the two-hour session, Dwan had lost just under $68k, dropping his lead in the challenge to $711,556.

The largest pot of the challenge, coming in at $155k, went to Dwan after he went runner-runner for the queen-high straight.

With another $150k won from playing 7-Game, Dwan ended his night up around $979k, moving him down to second place behind Gus Hansen on the list of the year’s biggest losers.

At this point, Dwan’s total losses sit at $4.7 million.

durrrr Challenge by the numbers:

  • 223,611,528: Total amount wagered
  • 8,547,042: Amount won by Joe Cada at the 2009 WSOP
  • 711,556: Amount durrrr is ahead
  • 155,200: Biggest pot of the session
  • 27,773: Hands played overall
  • 56: Percentage of challenge completed
  • 88: Hours played in the challenge
  • 6: Number of players invited to the first WSOP in 1970

Below are three of the largest pots from last night’s action, to see more hands, head to MarketPulse.

The largest pot of the Challenge.



The largest pot of the night.



A solid flop for Isildur1.

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