durrrr Challenge: Antonius takes the lead

Patrik Antonius
Score one for the Prince!

Patrik Antonius dominated session 7 of the durrrr Challenge and is now up by $107,455 on Tom "durrrr" Dwan.

The pair restarted the Challenge yesterday; Antonius quickly drew even with Dwan, and never looked back.

In the first hour of play Antonius got the ball rolling with several pots worth $80,000+. Dwan fought back, however, and toward the middle of the challenge looked like he would reduce his deficit to zero.

Instead, Antonius would win close to $170,000 in the last 100 hands.

The biggest hand of the session came near the end as both players got it all-in on a Q 6 5 flop with flush draws. The river came and both players made the flush.

Unfortunately for Dwan, Antonius had a better one, and he raked the gigantic $155,683 pot.

As the Challenge drew to a close for the evening durrrr mentioned he'd been having connection problems:

"durrrr: i guess i need to quit
durrrr: until i fix intnet
durrrr: that was almost pretty costly
durrrr: well
Dealer: durrrr has 15 seconds left to act
durrrr: i guess it wouldv saved me $$ lol
durrrr: but lost ev

  • durrrr Challenge begins tomorrow

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