durrrr Challenge: Antonius on the March

Patrik Antonius

The durrrr Challenge is back on and Patrik Antonius finally booked a big win last night, earning over $340k.

The Challenge seemed to be out of gas after over a month without a single session but that changed dramatically last night when the two played 1,184 hands of PLO in five hours.

Antonius was the ultimate winner of the session and made significant strides towards closing the gap between himself and Tom Dwan.

It helped that the session saw 10 hands worth over $100k, including the largest of the night worth $205,595.

That particular pot saw Antonius lead from start to finish, his hand of A A K Q was in the lead with his pair of aces alone, but hitting a third ace on the turn locked it up.

By the time the smoke had cleared Antonius won $346,437, cutting Dwan's lead to $1,468,655.

At present, there is a discrepancy between the numbers provided by PokerListings own durrrr Challenge tracking software and those that appear on Full Tilt's website for last night's session.

According to Full Tilt, the two played just 221 hands with Patrik Antonius booking a $74,215 win in just over one hour.

The durrrr Challenge wasn't the only good news for Antonius as he recorded 3,800 hands in 48 hours and is now within $400k of being even for 2010 after initially falling behind by $3 million.

durrrr Challenge by the numbers:

  • 313,193,943 Total amount wagered
  • 8,546435: First place prize at the 2009 WSOP (Won by Joe Cada)
  • 1,468,655: Amount durrrr is ahead
  • 385,000: First place prize at the 1980 WSOP (Won by Stu Ungar)
  • 346,437: Amount made by Antonius in the last session
  • 37,366: Hands played overall
  • 30,000: First place prize at the first WSOP (Won by Johnny Moss)
  • 123: Hours played in the challenge
  • 75: Percentage of challenge completed

Below are the three largest hands from the session. For more hand replays, head to our online poker stats page.


Aces > Fours.



Dwan's ace holds.



That's a lot of red.

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