durrrr Challenge: Antonius in Trouble

Patrik Antonius, Tom Dwan

Patrik Antonius took another huge hit in the durrrr Challenge stretching Tom Dwan's lead to over $1.7 million yesterday.

Other than four hands on Saturday (where Dwan lost $1,000) the durrrr Challenge picked up where it left off on February 15th with an hour-long 364 hand session Monday.

The session started with Antonius in the midst of an epic down-swing which has cost him over $3.2 million so far this year.

Three pots worth over $100k played out, the largest of which saw Dwan win $213k after hitting one of his many outs on the turn to beat Antonius' kings.

The pot, which felted Antonius at one of their four challenge tables, appeared to be the last straw for the Finnish pro, who ended the session down $306,558.

With Dwan's lead now over $1.7 million, Antonius has just 16,758 hands to get out of the hole, or he will lose the challenge, along with an extra $500k.

If we assume that all remaining Challenge sessions will be exactly 364 hands - the length of this most recent session - Antonius would have to profit an average of $38,135 over 48 sessions to get back to even.

For Antonius to pull this off, he would have to average $104.77 profit per hand for the remainder of the challenge.

durrrr Challenge by the numbers:

  • 273,423,095: Total amount wagered
  • 118,000,000: Number of Google search results for the term Poker
  • 1,755,708: Amount durrrr is ahead
  • 33,242: Hands played overall
  • 342,157: Amount made by Dwan in the last session
  • 258,000: Number of Google search results for the term "durrrr Challenge"
  • 7,501: Amount of rake made by Full Tilt from the Challenge
  • 105: Hours played in the challenge
  • 66: Percentage of challenge completed
  • 8: Number of Google search results for the phrase "cork it durrrrballs"

Below are the two largest hands from the Challenge session. To see more hand replays head to MarketPulse.


He was hoping for the flush, but two-pair will do.



Interesting runner-runner.

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