durrrr Challenge: Antonius hits back

Patrik Antonius

After 2,921 hands Tom Dwan in the durrrr Challenge.

Yesterday Antonius and Dwan actually played two sessions between the hours of 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. ET with a large break in the middle.

Although Dwan once again started well, the table started to tilt toward Antonius as the day wore on. By about 9 p.m. Antonius had won $227,000, which gives him the overall lead by $56,177.

At approximately 9:06 this conversation occurred in the Full Tilt chatbox:

Patrik Antonius: im done
durrrr: nice win, gg
durrrr: wanna try to play tomorrow?
Patrik Antonius: ty gg
Patrik Antonius: i'll sleep maybe 12 hours now
durrrr: im goin out tonight
Patrik Antonius: y i wanna play everyday when theres nothing else going on
durrrr: so probly wont wanna play until like idk noonish tomorrow
durrrr: 15hrs or w/e id guess
Patrik Antonius: cu tomorrow
durrrr: but if i drink too much
durrrr: then no game
durrrr: lol
Patrik Antonius: lol
durrrr: we'll c, cya

Some interesting side notes about the durrrr Challenge thus far:

  • They've played a total of nine hours and 26 minutes
  • Over $15 million has been wagered between them
  • Dwan has won 1,635 of the hands while Antonius has won 1,274

As of 12 p.m. ET Sunday we have yet to see any action on the durrrr tables, although both Antonius and Dwan have played $500/$1,000 No-Limit. As always, keep checking PokerListings for exclusive updates on the durrrr Challenge.

You can see the biggest hand of the session for yourself below:

They call this the Finnish surprise

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