durrrr Challenge: Antonius crushes for $500k lead

Tom Dwan
Start your countdown to busto now.

You want crazy swings? You got 'em.

After months of being almost even in the durrrr Challenge, Patrick Antonius absolutely annihilated Tom "durrrr" Dwan to take a $500,000 lead in the contest last night.

The session started badly for Dwan as he promptly lost two pots worth more than $150,000. The situation did not improve either, as Dwan quickly had to rebuy on all four durrrr Challenge tables.

Perhaps Dwan's only legitimate saving grace in the session was when he got all-in with aces while Antonius had pocket kings.  Dwan won $174,196 in the hand, but that still wasn't anywhere near enough to get him even.

After little more than 30 minutes and 300 hands, Dwan had disconnected from the Internet twice and told Antonius he would have to quit.

durrrr 13246
It's like splashdown mountain!

At that point Dwan was down on all four tables, losing a total of $328,470 in the super-short session.

Antonius is now up $488,133, which is far and away the biggest swing of the durrrr Challenge so far.

The critics are starting to buzz about Dwan as he's down approximately $2.5 million, not including the durrrr Challenge, in 2009. The cries of "Busto by the end of the year, IMO" are starting to ring out from the forums and Dwan definitely has some work to do if wants to get even this year.

For those who don't know, Dwan will have to pay Antonius an additional $1.5 million if he loses the 50,000-hand contest.

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durrrr Challenge by the numbers:

  • 81,244,200: Total amount wagered in the challenge so far.
  • 488,133: Amount Antonius is ahead in the challenge.
  • 375,000: Amount Stu Ungar won in the 1981 WSOP Main Event.
  • 174,196: Biggest hand of the latest session (durrrr won it).
  • 13,246: Hands played.
  • 4,364: Average pot size.
  • 59: Dwan's winning percentage from the small blind.
  • 42: Hours into the challenge.
  • 27: Percent of hands that have seen a showdown in the challenge.
  • 12: Number of PLO buy-ins Dwan is down.
  • 2: Times Dwan disconnected in the latest session.
  • 1: Former professional tennis players playing in the durrrr Challenge.
  • 0: Live tournaments Dwan has played in the last two months.

Check below for some key hands from the latest session of the durrrr Challenge:

Not indicative of the session

Antonius ships it.

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