durrrr Challenge: The 5,000-hand milestone

Patrik Antonius, Tom Dwan
You got your Antonius, you got your durrrr.

Patrik Antonius has pulled within $50,000 of Tom "durrrr" Dwan after the pair played nearly 1,000 hands of the durrrr Challenge last night.

Antonius and Dwan played for nearly three hours, and by the time the last hand was dealt Antonius had won $87,813.

That brings Dwan's overall profit in the durrrr Challenge to just $52,567. The bad news for Dwan is that Antonius seems to be getting better and better at playing four tables at a time.

The biggest hand of the session saw Antonius flop top set against Dwan's two pair, and the set held. Antonius raked an epic $138,000 pot for his good fortune on the flop.

Dwan's poker degeneracy reached new levels last night as he was not only playing Antonius at five tables but was at one point also playing three other mixed tables, and heads-up against Hansen.

durrrr Challenge after 5,092 hands
The durrrr Challenge after 5,092 hands.

That meant Dwan was playing a total of nine PLO tables with five of them being heads-up. All at the highest stakes possible.

Although it had been some time since the Challenge was active (March 1), railbirds can take solace in the fact that Antonius is back home in Monaco, which means the time difference is only five hours.

It might make for more frequent games, and Antonius himself mentioned they would try to play again today.

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durrrr Challenge by the numbers:

  • 28,606,185: total dollars wagered in the durrrr Challenge
  • 54,641: total amount Dwan has won
  • 44,908: number of hands still to be played
  • 5,092: total number of hands played
  • 914: number of hands played in the session
  • 15:50: hours into the challenge
  • 10: percentage of the challenge that's completed
  • 9: number of tables Dwan was playing at one point
  • 6: total number of sessions played
  • 1: Prince of Monaco

Check below to see how a couple of the biggest hands in the session played out:

One for the Prince

Another hand for Antonius

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