durrrr Challenge 2: Dwan Strikes for $172k

Tom Dwan
Tom Dwan

For the second straight day the durrrr Challenge 2 was on but this time Tom Dwan was in the driver’s seat.

Dwan and Dan “jungleman12” Cates seem to have a recently developed an interest in playing more and last night they logged on and played $200/$400 No-Limit Hold’em for  1,440 hands.

There were technically two sessions played and Dwan absolutely crushed the first one for $195k.

Cates made a small comeback in the second session and posted a small win of $23,736k meaning Dwan finished his day with a $172k victory.

It was the first victory for Dwan in the durrrr Challenge 2 in months and it helped alleviate his overall losses to $585k.

jungleman12 appeared to be losing his cool with Dwan after the Team Full Tilt pro took a series of breaks near the end of the session.

Cates quit completely after this transpired in the chatbox:

“durrrr: foods”
“durrrr: might shower after”
“durrrr: but still shouldn’t b too long”
“jungleman12: good bye”
“durrrr: huh”

It was an all-around good day for Tom Dwan who also won $357k in the PLO games to finish up a total of $462k on the day. That puts Dwan on $3.4 million in 2010. Good enough to make him the third biggest winner this year.

Unfortunately for Dwan, the player in second place is skjervoy with $3.8 million. skjervoy a big winner last night pulling in $311k.

Gus Hansen also had a very strong night winning $196k. Hansen is once again within striking distance of dipping below the $1 million loss mark.

The biggest losers last night included cadillac1944 who dropped $529k, URnotINdanger2 who lost $342k and KobeYard85 who donated $275k.

Check below for a look at a few interesting hands from the durrrr Challenge 2 session last night or check our online poker stats section for more information.

durrrr Challenge 2 by the numbers:

  • 70,645,640: Total amount wagered
  • 17,200,000: Cost of a loaded 2010 LearJet 85
  • 582,788: Amount jungleman12 is ahead
  • 169,590: Biggest pot raked last night
  • 38,431: Hands remaining
  • 19: Hours logged
  • 11: Sessions played
  • 1: Times jungleman12 asked how long Dwan would be on break in “real minutes not durrrr minutes.”


Nice river for jungleman12.


Another huge pot for jungleman12.


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