durrrr Challenge 2: Dwan Strikes Again

Tom Dwan
Tom Dwan

Don’t call it a comeback but Tom “durrrr” Dwan is starting to close the gap in his challenge against on Dan “jungleman12” Cates.

Dwan and Cates hit the $200/$400 No-Limit Hold’em tables last night and burned through 1,214 hands in a couple hours.

It was a wild session that saw numerous pots over $100k get thrown back and forth and at one point Dwan was ahead by $354k, dangerously close to getting even in the overall challenge.

Fortunately for jungleman12 he mounted a serious comeback and won the biggest pot of the session when he turned a straight against Dwan’s turned two-pair. Cates got his chips in the middle and ended up winning the $210k monster pot.

Near the end of the session Dwan’s internet cut out in a hand where he held the nut-flush against jungleman12’s two-pair.

Dwan was forced to check it down and felt that he missed a major opportunity causing some fireworks between the two opponents in the chatbox. Initially durrrr lamented his bad fortune, then this happened:

“jungleman12: i thought it was pretty cool”
“durrrr: nice douchebag comment ty”
“jungleman12: joking obv”
“durrrr: pretty off timing”
“durrrr: to joke”

When the session finally ended Dwan found himself up $63,362, which helps alleviate his losses in the overall challenge to $503k.

Other than the durrrr Challenge 2 it was a slow night for high stakes online action. ShutTheClubDown was the night’s biggest winner taking down $119k. IReadYrSoul won $31k and Gus Hansen took down $18k putting them in the top five.

ORLOVSKIY was the biggest loser dropping $76k. luckexpress10 (-$43k), O Fortuna PLS (-$31k) and Ziigmund (-$23k) were also in the losing column.

Below are a couple interesting hands from the latest durrrr Challenge 2 session. For more information check our online poker stats section.

durrrr Challenge 2 by the numbers:

  • 92,531,724: Total amount wagered
  • 9,800,000: Times “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga has been purchased online
  • 500,783: Amount jungleman12 is ahead
  • 14,190: Hands played
  • 24: Hours recorded
  • 14: Sessions played
  • 1: Times durrrr has checked down a nut-flush


Tom Dwan wins a huge pot.


jungleman12 responds.


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IETHEMACHINE 2010-12-18 18:33:44

I once heard Tom Dwan say in an interview that he thought some of his fellow pro's were stupid not to have ''back up'' internet connections when playing such high stakes! Dry them!

Odv 2010-12-18 16:19:33

Durrrr is a multi-millionaire. If he it too cheap to get the best Internet connection, then it's his own fault that he got d/c'd with the nuts.

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