durrrr Challenge 2: Dwan Strikes Again

Tom Dwan
Tom Dwan

Don’t call it a comeback but Tom “durrrr” Dwan is starting to close the gap in his challenge against on Dan “jungleman12” Cates.

Dwan and Cates hit the $200/$400 No-Limit Hold’em tables last night and burned through 1,214 hands in a couple hours.

It was a wild session that saw numerous pots over $100k get thrown back and forth and at one point Dwan was ahead by $354k, dangerously close to getting even in the overall challenge.

Fortunately for jungleman12 he mounted a serious comeback and won the biggest pot of the session when he turned a straight against Dwan’s turned two-pair. Cates got his chips in the middle and ended up winning the $210k monster pot.

Near the end of the session Dwan’s internet cut out in a hand where he held the nut-flush against jungleman12’s two-pair.

Dwan was forced to check it down and felt that he missed a major opportunity causing some fireworks between the two opponents in the chatbox. Initially durrrr lamented his bad fortune, then this happened:

“jungleman12: i thought it was pretty cool”
“durrrr: nice douchebag comment ty”
“jungleman12: joking obv”
“durrrr: pretty off timing”
“durrrr: to joke”

When the session finally ended Dwan found himself up $63,362, which helps alleviate his losses in the overall challenge to $503k.

Other than the durrrr Challenge 2 it was a slow night for high stakes online action. ShutTheClubDown was the night’s biggest winner taking down $119k. IReadYrSoul won $31k and Gus Hansen took down $18k putting them in the top five.

ORLOVSKIY was the biggest loser dropping $76k. luckexpress10 (-$43k), O Fortuna PLS (-$31k) and Ziigmund (-$23k) were also in the losing column.

Below are a couple interesting hands from the latest durrrr Challenge 2 session. For more information check our online poker stats section.

durrrr Challenge 2 by the numbers:

  • 92,531,724: Total amount wagered
  • 9,800,000: Times “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga has been purchased online
  • 500,783: Amount jungleman12 is ahead
  • 14,190: Hands played
  • 24: Hours recorded
  • 14: Sessions played
  • 1: Times durrrr has checked down a nut-flush


Tom Dwan wins a huge pot.


jungleman12 responds.


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