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One of the reasons online poker remains classified as illegal is because of the luck factor in the game. It's a small factor, but still there to keep poker from being purely a skill game. Duplicate Poker is changing all that to give players a purely skill-based online poker option.

Duplicate Poker is based on a concept with its roots in tournament bridge. Players in corresponding seats at different tables are dealt identical poker hands and prove their skill not by how lucky they are but by how well they play each hand in comparison with other players who have the same cards.

Normally in poker, a run of "bad cards" can be devastating, but in duplicate poker, a player's opponents are getting the same cards, good or bad. In the end, a run of bad cards that are played well can win just as easily as a run of good cards, according to PKR.

How does it work exactly? Instead of playing against the players at the table, poker players at the site are technically playing against their corresponding player at another table.

For example, say Player A is in Seat 4 on Table 24, and Player B is in Seat 4 on Table 150. Those players will be dealt the same exact hole cards.

Each player has "total chips," which act as a score for the player, and "hand chips," which are refilled for each hand. If Player B plays the hand better than Player A did, resulting in having more hand chips at the end of the hand, Player B will earn chips toward his total chip count.

Losing a hand doesn't necessarily mean not earning more total chips either. If Player A and Player B both lose the hand, the one who lost the least amount of hand chips in the hand will earn total chips.

Currently the poker site offers the following types of contests using the Duplicate Poker system:

  • Regular and short tournaments
  • Short tournament sit-and-gos
  • Round Robin tournament sit-and-gos
  • Quick Play

Duplicate Poker is operated by a company based in New York City. It is the only online poker company based in the United States and was founded by Pinhas Romik, a champion bridge player.

To learn more about this alternative way to play online poker, visit .

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