Duke charity tourney pokes fun at Joan Rivers

Annie Duke

Annie Duke will poke a little fun at her Celebrity Apprentice experience next week with a "Sucking out on the Rivers" Charity Poker Tournament.

The tournament will benefit Refugees International, the same charity Annie Dukes raised money for on Celebrity Apprentice, plus it will be cohosted by Frank Marino, a well-known Joan Rivers impersonator.

Marino won't be the only Joan Rivers in attendance either. More than 20 Joan Rivers impersonators will also be playing in the event, and each will have a bounty on his or her head.

"I think that after this poker tournament, the real Joan Rivers will quickly realize that poker players are good-natured people - professional people with respected occupations and families - who really want to change the lives of those less fortunate," Duke said.

"As poker players, we're banding together, not just to prove a point to Joan, but to actually change the world."

Anyone who watched Celebrity Apprentice this season knows there was some animosity between Duke and Rivers.

Rivers made plenty of comments about poker players as well, including calling them white trash and suggesting they're all connected to organized crime.

She managed to draw the ire of plenty of people in the poker world. According to UltimateBet, nearly all the top players in Las Vegas are coming out for the charity tournament to show that a lot of good comes from the poker world.

"Sucking out on the Rivers" will take place May 27. It will kick off with a red carpet ceremony at 5 p.m. and the charity poker tournament will start at 6 p.m.

The charity tournament has a $200 buy-in with rebuys and add-ons available. For more information or to register, call the Hard Rock Poker Lounge at (702) 693-5874.

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