Duhamel’s Ex Claims to Be Poker Player

Jon Duhamel

The bail hearing in WSOP champ Jonathan Duhamel’s home invasion case took a strange turn yesterday when his ex-girlfriend and her co-accused were asked about their future plans.

According to the Montreal Gazette, the presiding Judge in the case was unconvinced by several of their answers about their plans should they receive bail.

Bianca Rojas-Latraverse, Duhamel’s ex-girlfriend accused of planning the robbery, said, “I play poker” when asked by attorney Nancy Delorme what her profession is.

She continued to say she plays poker frequently at the Montreal Casino and on the Kahnawake reserve and that she makes enough money to sustain herself.

She also said she lived with Duhamel from March to August of this year.

Defense attorneys used an encounter from that time to call into question the testimony of Rojas-Latraverse’s friend, who said she had been told of Rojas-Latraverse’s plans to rob Duhamel three weeks before the attack.

Police testified that when Rojas Latraverse and Duhamel were still a couple, the woman went to visit them at his condo.

During the visit, Duhamel joined the two women in his bedroom and started kissing both before Rojas Latraverse became upset and argued with the other woman.

One of Rojas-Latraverse's co-accused, John Clark, also perplexed the judge when asked about his plans should he get bail.

Calling himself a "student/writer,” Clark said he’s writing “an 8,000 page novel called A Dose of Psychosis, but is struggling with the end.”

He also said when not writing or working out his activities of choice are "drinking and being promiscuous.”

The hearing wraps up today in Montreal.

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