Duhamel Attack Planned by Ex-Girlfriend

Jon Duhamel
Jonathan Duhamel

Jonathan Duhamel’s ex-girlfriend has admitted to planning the recent attack on his home, a court in Quebec heard yesterday during her bail hearing.

The Montreal Gazette reports the police say the 20-year-old Rojas-Traverse, who accompanied Duhamel to the 2011 WSOP, told a friend she planned to rob Duhamel three weeks before the attack occurred on Dec. 21.

Saying she initially dismissed the threats because Rojas Latraverse is "prone to telling lies," the friend says she began getting cryptic texts from Rojas Latraverse the night before the home invasion.

One, according to the Gazette, allegedly read: "Tomorrow at 10 think of me."

Rojas Latraverse continued to send texts suggesting she "feared for her life and her future based on what was about to happen" and also allegedly wrote "Everything is planned. We even have a driver if I choke."

Rojas Latraverse was arrested a few days after the home invasion and admitted to sending the text messages, the officer who testified said.

She also named her accomplices as John Stephan Clark Lemay, 21, and Anthony Bourque, 26.

While Rojas Traverse was being questioned, police say they also received an anonymous tip that Clark-Lemay was carrying $10,000, wearing Duhamel's Rolex and was partying at a Holiday Inn.

During his initial questioning with the police, Duhamel said he was sure Rojas Latraverse was involved as the attackers knew exactly where to look for his valuables and knew he had a safe in his home.

Duhamel was beaten and forced to open the safe which held $40,000 Canadian, 65,000 euros, a Rolex watch and his 2010 WSOP Main Event bracelet.

The bracelet has yet to be recovered.

Duhamel is expected to play in the $100,000 High Rollers event beginning today at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in the Bahamas.

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