dubbeemin wins FTOPS ME, Saul takes MVP

Yuval Bronshtein
Winning back-to-back FTOPS events doesn't even secure Player of the Series status these days.

FTOPS IX concluded this Sunday with online player dubbeemin taking down the main event.

Meanwhile, Kevin "GetPWN3D" Saul held on for first place on the leaderboard, and back-to-back wonder Yuval "yuvee04" Bronshtein had to settle for second place.

Things kicked off with the final day of the two-day Event 22, $2,500+$120 No-Limit Hold'em, hosted by Tony G was in hot pursuit with $552,370 chips. Australian Full Tilt pro Erich Kollman bubbled the final table, coming in 10th.

Tony G eventually bailed out in fifth for a very decent $105,975, while hAAydon, triathlon4 and knickadams55 all made it to the final three. After a marathon match at three-handed, the players agreed to a chop that would see each one paid out approximately $350,000 while leaving a little under $40,000 on the table.

hAAydon was the ultimate survivor and grabbed $416,287 for the epic victory, while triathlon4 and knickadam55 made slightly less for second and third respectively.

Next up for the day was Event 24, No-Limit Hold'em Knockout, hosted by Beth Shak. Surprisingly, Erick Lindgren was the only Full Tilt pro to make the money, but he made up for that fact by going deep. Lindgren made it all the way to 22nd before eventually being relegated to the rail.

No one could stop online player Kroko-dill who eventually beat Hyperspiral in heads-up to take down the $113,691 prize for first place.

Finally it was time for the big dance - the FTOPS IX Main Event. As usual the game was No-Limit Hold'em and the buy-in was $500+$35.

2000 WSOP World Champion Chris "Jesus" Ferguson handled the hosting duties and a total of 4,880 players came out to get in on the action. (Ironically, that's close to 10 times the players that Ferguson had to outlast to become World Champion in 2000.)

Full Tilt came just short of the guarantee of $2.5 million for the event, so the company threw in an extra $60,000 out of its own pocket. It just served to sweeten the pot for the close to 5,000 players who did register.

Perhaps the most notable player to go deep was Kelly Kim, a member of the famous WSOP November Nine, who apparently may be more than a one-trick pony.

Kim received $12,375 for coming in 16th. Since Kim took down $900,000 for just making the final table of the 2008 WSOP Main Event, you have to wonder if he's just going to use the money he won at FTOPS IX to sleep on or something.

In the end it was dubbeemin who outlasted everyone and grabbed a $432,400 payday, in the process concluding another very successful edition of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series.

This year it was a dog fight for Player of the Series honors but Saul managed to hold on and his 500 points were good enough to secure top spot overall. Saul joins an elite crowd of series winners including Justin "Boosted J" Smith, Bedard and kiwid10.

Here are the rest of the final-table results (chops not taken into account) from Sunday's FTOPS IX action:

Event 22 $2,500+$120 No-Limit Hold'em

1. hAAydon $541,650
2. triathlon4 $341,475
3. knickadam55 $253,162
4. sebbau $194,287
5. BootySmooth $147,187
6. Tony G $105,975
7. theMightyZep $70,650
8. Yeshaya $55,107
9. ClockWyze $40,035

Event 24 No-Limit Hold'em Knockout

1. Kroko-dill $113,691
2. Hyperspiral $69,765
3. Scarypooper5 $50,506
4. BeatProphet $35,600
5. soggy dogg $25,839
6. kennl $17,226
7. PapaWood619 $11,484
8. c4s1n0 $8,038
9. vcehorosho $5,742

Main Event $500+$35 No-Limit Hold'em

1. dubbeemin $432,400
2. valleyho $262,500
3. TheTotalPkg $170,000
4. Pokerguru19 $132,500
5. sckilla $100,000
6. hemlock1313 $75,000
7. tvcsa $57,500
8. aaaFRANCESCOzzz $43,750
9. TiltinShoes $32,500

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