Duane Solomon wins final WSOPC prelim event

Duane Solomon
Duane Solomon, 2007 WSOPC Caesars Indiana Event 12 winner.

The final preliminary event of the World Series of Poker Circuit at Caesars Indiana played Monday with Portland, Tenn., native Duane Solomon taking home the win. He pockets $26,278 for the win plus a $5,000 seat in the championship event that starts Wednesday.

Solomon has been playing poker all his life after learning from his father. He plays in the occasional $1/$2 No-Limit cash games and a rare tournament, but mostly he plays in home games where he's beginning to prefer Pot-Limit Omaha.

That didn't stop him from entering the $300 No-Limit Hold'em event along with 308 other players, all looking for a piece of the $84,769 prize pool.

The final table came down to:

  • Seat 1: Troy Daniels, $39,500
  • Seat 2: Robert Willmott, $90,000
  • Seat 3: Chad Burns, $74,500
  • Seat 4: Duane Solomon, $90,000
  • Seat 5: Don Floyd, $52,000
  • Seat 6: Morgan Nickols, $60,500
  • Seat 7: Michael Spahn, $91,500
  • Seat 8: Ryan Williams, $77,500
  • Seat 9: Frank Shaw, $30,000

The first level of the final table went by without incident. Frank Shaw went all-in with pocket fives on a hand, surviving to make it to the next level.

There was plenty more action in the next level, though, as six players ended up leaving the game.

First to vacate a seat was Robert Willmott II. He lost a big hand on the second hand of the level and was all-in on the very next hand with Ac-Jc versus Ryan Williams' pocket kings, and he couldn't improve to stay in the game.

Willmott is a retired attorney from Lexington, Ky. This was his second WSOPC session, which paid him $1,695 for ninth place.

Despite surviving the all-in on the first level of the final table, Shaw couldn't make it far into the second level. He was severely crippled on a hand and was forced to go all-in with 7-2 in the big blind. Don Floyd picked him off with K-J.

Shaw is also retired and hails from Jeffersonville, Ind. He won his way into the event via a satellite and pockets $2,543 for eighth place.

Floyd wouldn't last much long either. He ended up pushing in for $40,000 in the big blind with pocket nines. Williams called with Kc-Qc, and dominated Williams when the board came K-6-5-T-3.

Floyd, a third retiree at the table, came from Columbus, Ohio, to play in the event. This was his sixth Circuit event, which paid him $3,391 for seventh place.

Morgan Nickols took the sixth-place spot after getting down to $10,000 in chips. He pushed in from the small blind with Kc-9c and Michael Spahn called with 6-2 since it only cost him another $2,000 from the big blind to play the hand.

Spahn caught a six on the flop and on the turn to give him a set and the pot. Nickols, who's in medical sales in Indianapolis, was paid $4,238 for sixth.

Troy Daniels, a graphic designer from Lancaster, Ohio, was the next out. After a flop of A-T-2, Spahn moved in for about $160,000 with A-J, and Daniels called all-in with A-9. A queen and seven added to the board changed nothing, and the table was down to four.

For fifth place, Daniels received $5,086.

The final player to bust out before the level ended was Chad Burns. He looked down at one card, and seeing an ace, he decided to put his last chips in from the small blind. He got a call from Williams, holding pocket fives.

Burns' other card was a deuce, and he caught a deuce on the river, but it wasn't enough to top Williams. Burns, from Spring, Texas, earns $5,934 for fourth place.

That left Williams, Spahn and Solomon at the table when the blinds and antes went up. Spahn was the short stack with $80,000 in chips versus about $250,000 each for the other two players.

He hung on for a few hands, but was done in on hand 47. Spahn, a forklift operator from Fairfield, Ohio, takes home $6,782 for his third-place finish.

Solomon and Williams were fairly even going into heads-up play, but Solomon put on the pressure, and it only took 12 hands to finish the game.

On the final hand, the board showed J-T-2 rainbow, and Solomon made a small trip bet of $30,000 with A-J. Williams check-raised all-in with T-5. A nine on the turn and a three on the river brought no relief for Williams, and Solomon picked up his first win, and first cash, ever.

Williams, a real estate investor from Savannah, Ga., picked up $13,563 for second place.

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