offers Bad Beat Bonanza consolation prize is taking the edge off bad beats by awarding bonanza payments to customers who are all too familiar with the injustices of poker.

Starting Feb. 1 and running until the end of the month, if you lose a hand with aces full of kings or better in a Texas Hold'em real money ring game, the poker room has a special bonus with your name on it.

There are plenty of requirements to meet, however.

The Bad Beat Bonanza promotion is only extended in Hold'em games into which three or more players are dealt. The losing hand must be a full house with a set of aces and a pair of kings or better, must include both hole cards and must go to a showdown. The winning hand has to include at least one hole card.

In addition, hands must be raked and players can't reveal their hand to other competitors at the table. If any of these conditions aren't met, the hand won't qualify for the bonanza.

The bonus money dished out by will be based on a multiple of your table's small blind, up to a maximum.

Qualifying customers will receive a payment of 100 times the small blind, but no hand will payout more than $1,500. For example, at $3/$6 tables the victim of a bad beat would cash $300 in bonus money.

Whomever holds the losing - or winning, depending on how you look at it - hand, must email the site's support team immediately to be credited.

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