Doyle Brunson tips hat to Chip Reese

Doyle Brunson

Many were sorry to see poker legend Chip Reese pass away this month but very few were affected like Doyle Brunson.

Reese and Brunson were best friends and spent many years traveling the sometimes lonely poker road with only each other as company. On Monday Brunson wrote more on his personal blog about what Reese meant to him and the void left by the famous cash player.

Even Brunson, who was obviously very close to Reese, was shocked by his death.

"How could my best friend, who was 56 years old and apparently in good health, be gone? It felt like a big hole in my body that could never be filled," Brunson wrote.

Brunson went on to write that although they were close friends they were also fierce competitors at the poker table. Brunson said that Reese was the best player he ever faced and that sometimes Reese would win simply by refusing to lose.

Despite all his poker accolades Reese may just be remembered for his friendly demeanor and classy attitude away from the tables, according to Brunson.

"He was a class act outside of gambling. He was a devoted family man and loved watching his son play baseball... If Chip had an enemy in the world I don't know who it was."

During a lighter moment in the blog Brunson mentioned that he and Reese invested in many far-out business ventures over the years including TV stations, sports services and diamonds. Brunson even mentioned searches for the Titanic and Noah's Ark. They were poker players first, though, and according to Brunson that's what they always came back to.

Brunson ended by sharing a quote from Reese.

"Chip said, 'I will stop playing when you have my funeral. Then only God will know what I'll be doing.' I'm sure God has a very special place for a special guy like Chip."

It's clear that life will never be the same for the player some call the "Texas Dolly."

To read the rest of Brunson's blog please visit his Web site.

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