Downloading and Registering

This part is written for beginners who are completely new to poker online. It will explain the basics such as registering on a site, depositing money, user advice about the lobby and information on other features, including all-in protection, randomized card shuffles, and support.

Most poker rooms run on a software application that have to be downloaded and installed. It is very safe to download and install the poker room's software, and there have been no reports of them containing virus or spy-wares. The size is typically between 3 and 8 Megabytes, which downloads instantly with cable or in a few minutes with dial-up. Once it is downloaded, you will access the games via the application. Playing online only requires a very limited bandwidth, which will allow you to play without trouble, even when using a dial-up connection. Most of the connection problems are related to the poker rooms own server.

However, there are a few poker rooms that run on java-script and who do not require a download (most notably For a current update, please check out our no-download poker rooms feature. The no-download versions are great when you are traveling or want to play locations where downloads might not be allowed, such as at work or at school.

In order to sign-up for an account, you often only need an email address and it is not necessary to deposit any real money. You can still watch real money games and participate in "fun money" games as soon as you have opened an account. This way, you can download several poker rooms to check out the best software and games before depositing.

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