Down to Two Tables at 2011 Main Event

Chipleader Anton Makiievskyi
Anton Makievskyi

Blink and you risk the chance of missing the rest of Day 8 at the 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event.

After little over an hour of play on Day 8 of the Main Event they are officially down to two nine-player tables.

Lars Bonding was the first player to bust today when he shoved with pocket aces on a dry flop but his opponent snapped him off with a set.

The Dane took home $302,000 for his efforts but will likely be kicking himself for getting so close to the November Nine and coming up short.

Bonding was by no means the only player to make some moves early on Day 8, however.

Poker pro Chris Moore had the misfortune of getting his pocket kings cracked by Anton Makievskyi’s A-T while Gionni Demers was ousted when his A-5 failed against Konstantinos Mamaliadis’ pocket kings.

Finally Russian Aleksandr Mozhnyakov was the most recent player to bust when he shoved with K-T against WSOPC National Champion Sam Barnhart’s A-T.

With those four players out of the way, Anton Makievskyi has continued to distance himself from the pack.

The Ukrainian is up to 29 million in chips and looks to be a virtual lock to make the November Nine.

Eoghan O’Dea, son of famous Irish poker pro Donnacha O’Dea, is also stacked with 22 million.

Meanwhile Ben Lamb, undoubtedly the best player of the 2011 WSOP, is looking exceptionally dangerous with 19 million in chips.

Here are the complete chip counts for the final 18 players:

  1. Anton Makievskyi - 29,720,000
  2. Eoghan O'Dea - 22,075,000
  3. Ben Lamb - 19,190,000
  4. Konstantinos Mamaliadis - 16,450,000
  5. Scott Schwalich - 12,925,000
  6. Khoa Nguyen - 12,705,000
  7. Andrey Pateychuk - 12,685,000
  8. John Hewitt - 11,175,000
  9. Phil Collins - 9,605,000
  10. Badih Bounahra - 9,380,000
  11. Matt Giannetti - 8,980,000
  12. Bryan Devonshire - 8,255,000
  13. Ryan Lenaghan - 6,915,000
  14. Sam Barnhart - 6,245,000
  15. Martin Staszko - 5,940,000
  16. Pius Heinz - 5,860,000
  17. Kenny Shih - 5,050,000
  18. Samuel Holden - 3,300,000

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