Donnacha O'Dea, winner of a WSOP bracelet in '98 and the Poker Million II in '04

Donnacha O´Dea

Donnacha O'Dea was once well known as a cash game player in Ireland and England. But since winning a WSOP bracelet in Pot-Limit Omaha in 1998 and the Poker Million Masters II in 2004 (after a heads-up match against Dave 'Devilfish' Ulliot), he has become increasingly acknowledged for more than just playing cash games in Britain.

How many WSOP tournaments will you play in this year?

Maybe six or seven.

What's your favourite poker variation?

Omaha and No-Limit Texas Hold'em. I think Hold'em is interesting, it's more of a mind game than Omaha.

Why did you started playing poker?

My dad was an actor and he used to play with his friends at home when I was a kid, then I started playing a lot when I entered college. We played a lot in the lunch room and I realized I really could win some money by playing poker. I started playing in Ireland and England, and later in other European countries and then here in Las Vegas.

Do you play online too and, if so, where and what games?

I've been playing online for a couple of months only, thought I had to try it. I'm playing at Ladbrokes and mostly Omaha and No-Limit Texas Hold'em.

Do you have children and, if so, do they play poker?

Yes I have a daughter and a son. My son plays poker and is coming to Vegas too, but unfortunately he isn't allowed to play in WSOP until next year since he's only 20 years old.

How do you think playing live has changed since the world's interest in poker exploded?

The biggest difference is that you don't know most players anymore, every time you come to a casino, or like here at WSOP, you only know a small part of the players. Both socially and at the tables it's harder. You don't have background information on most people at your table anymore.

Do you have or have you had another occupation aside from poker?

I've been a bookmaker back home in Ireland, and I do a lot of sportsbetting too. Mostly on golf and tennis. But whatever I have been doing I have always been playing poker, and poker has always been my main income.

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