Dominik Nitsche's WSOP Diary: Nobody Wants to Look Like a Complete Idiot

11 July 2014, Created By:
Dominik Nitsche's WSOP Diary: Nobody Wants to Look Like a Complete Idiot

Dominik Nitsche is a true poker globetrotter with tournaments played on every continent and big results everywhere he goes.

The WSOP is his annual opportunity to make his biggest goals in poker come true and he's proven he has what it takes again in 2014 with two (2!) bracelets already.

In his 2014 WSOP Diary Dom will recount his experiences from poker's signature event.

By Dominik Nitsche

Patience is Key in Main Event

I went for Day 1C and it was going really well for me. I came to my table, I looked around and found no familiar faces.

This is always good in the WSOP Main Event because it means you can get get the chips of the amateurs. This is of paramount importance for my strategy for the "Big One."

A lot depends on who’s at the table.

After the first orbit I already had 40,000 chips and after Orbit 2 10,000 more. But then it just stopped.

The players at my table were all super tight and they all got better and better during the day. Nobody voluntarily put chips in the pot. In 10 hours only two players busted.

Mickey Petersen
5% of Mickey Petersen can't hurt.

In such a situation you hope, of course, that the table will break. In the worst case, you have to also be able to fold through the day.

If you go into Day 2 with the starting stack you still have 60 big blinds. And that is still very comfortable to play.

Swaps With Loeser, Weisner, Petersen, Vamplew

So, one day in this tournament can already be extremely boring. I deal with it by chatting via WhatsApp with friends.

All sorts of topics but of course mainly about poker. After all there are always some players I swap percentages with.

In the Main Event an above-average number of swaps is normal so the percentages swapped are rather low.

I think I have 3% of my friend Manig Loeser and 2% of Melanie Weissner - who left early, unfortunately - and Andrew Teng. Then I have 5% each of the two EPT champions David Vamplew and Mickey Petersen.

Entertainment I find, however, always at my own table. I'm always ready for a conversation. There were several interesting people at my tables today.

A former NBA player named Anthony Gregory, for example. Another guy was active in the live cas- game scene in Miami. He knew a good friend of mine. Very funny.

Trembling Hands at 50/100

Despite the immense prize money it is a tournament like any other for me.

Perhaps the pulse would quicken if I made it to the last three or four tables, just because the final table gets such huge attention from the media every year. To get close to this is something special, alright.

$10 million U.S. dollars is also of course enormous.

Many amateurs already have trembling hands at 50/100 blinds. They are totally running on adrenalin.

Dominik Nitsche
After 2 months, almost like home.

The main reason, I think, might not be the money but the possible embarrassment. Nobody wants to look like a complete idiot. And you're playing poker very fast.

Time to Say Good Bye

On the first two starting days of the Main Event, I finally had time off. I slept in, did some cooking, ate, watched a few poker videos like “Run it Once” and the review of the EPT London.

Otherwise I just did nothing at all. That was great.

Slowly but surely I get this painful farewell feeling, though. After all, we have lived here in this house for nearly two months. It feels a little bit like home.

I’m leaving soon. Then everybody is going their own ways again. But then, we will see each other at the EPT Barcelona.


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