Dominik Nitsche's WSOP Diary: I Never Have a Lot of Cash in My Pockets

3 July 2014, Created By:
Dominik Nitsche's WSOP Diary: I Never Have a Lot of Cash in My Pockets

Dominik Nitsche is a true poker globetrotter with tournaments played on every continent and big results everywhere he goes.

The WSOP is his annual opportunity to make his biggest goals in poker come true and he's proven he has what it takes again in 2014 with two (2!) bracelets already.

In his 2014 WSOP Diary Dom will recount his experiences from poker's signature event.

Mourning Johannes Strassmann

Johannes Strassmann
Trying to make sense of Strassmann's death.

I knew Johannes especially through my involvement in CardCoaches. And I liked him and his kind heart very much.

That's why the news of his death shocked me more than the others in my house. They of course knew him well, but not personally as I did.

We have talked about it, of course, and also put together our thoughts on the matter. Somehow the accident for me makes no sense.

Maybe Johannes has been a little too careless with the wrong people. But of course that is pure speculation.

Personally, I went to really exotic places such as Lebanon or Moldova and must say I've actually always felt safe.

However, I've also always kept a large safety margin away from certain circles.

How to Get Large Sums of Money to Vegas

To carry large sums of money can be dangerous in Vegas. One has always heard of poker players who have been robbed within the Rio. However, one can easily avoid that, too.

Before every WSOP I transfer a high amount of dollars to the Rio. I then have it paid out immediately, in dollar bills or poker chips, when I arrive in Vegas.

I deposit this money immediately in a safety box, which is located in the Rio and is like a bank locker, safety guaranteed.

I open the box when necessary and put all the money I make inside. When the World Series is over, the subject is cleared and paid the amount then contained on my U.S. dollar account.

Maurice Hawkins and Melanie Weisner
Brutal beat for Weisner changed things quickly.

Thus I fiddle with huge sums during the WSOP but never have a lot of cash in my pocket.

Staking? OK

There was nothing in it for me in the $5k NLHE-tournament. But my shares in other players made me some money.

I had swapped with Manig Loeser the usual 5% and larger proportions of Oliver Price and Melanie Weisner.

With two tables left the three had the most chips and I thought that'll do it and they would make themselves and me rich.

However, Melanie then suffered a really nasty bad beat and finished in 12th place. Manig finished third and Oliver in fifth. At the end of the tournament I won $60k.

Anticipation Builds for Main Event

I now have two or three regular WSOP tournaments left and then it's the Main Event. The best tournament of the year, to which all of us in the house are looking forward to.

The field
There's nothing quite like the Main Event.

For me it was not at all in the past ten days. In the last $1k mass event I came three hours late and then got five times my starting stack within half an hour.

I thought that my little downswing was finished. But then I've misjudged some pots against the Swede Michael Tureniec and the bluff I picked off wasn’t one.

No live read seemed to work as intended.

That's why I'm preparing now to play a few $1,000 satellite tournaments. I will pick up a bit more experience and then I’m gonna easily slide into the big event.

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