Dominik Nitsche's WSOP Diary: I Like to Play the Amateurs

16 June 2014, Created By:
Dominik Nitsche's WSOP Diary: I Like to Play the Amateurs

German poker player Dominik Nitsche is a true poker globetrotter with tournaments played on every continent and big results everywhere he goes.

The WSOP is his annual opportunity to make his biggest goals in poker a reality and he's proven he has what it takes again in 2014 with two (2!) bracelets already in just three weeks.

In his 2014 WSOP Diary Dom will recount his experiences from poker's signature event.

By Dominik Nitsche

Like I said in my first post last week, other players play the WSOP to battle the best and win bracelets.

Not me. I like to play the amateurs. And the perfect tournaments are the mass NLHE tournaments on the weekend. I won all my three bracelets now in one of these tournaments.

One of the advantages is that I hold 100% of my action. Most of the cheap NLHE Tournaments are sort of a relaxation. Decisions against weak players are way easier.

Play Constantly and Don’t Miss an Opportunity for Big Money

Badih Bounahra
Bob Bounahra

I play first for the money and I want to play as many tournaments as possible. For example the one where I won my last bracelet.

I was short several times at the final table and asked my former flatmate in London, Manig Loeser, about late registration in the $5k 6-Max tournament.

When we were three players left I asked if we could cancel the dinner break because I thought we could finish it in 30 minutes.

Bob Bounahra was the weakest player and so I hoped we could send him off first. Dave DAlesandro and me would make a deal and decide the bracelet-question in five minutes.

The first time that I thought about the bracelet was when the late registration closed.

I thought “Okay, now I can concentrate myself for this particular goal.”

That is how I see the WSOP: play constantly and don’t miss an opportunity to earn big money. But now a little bit later I appreciate the "fame" a bit more.

I got hundreds of congratulations and what made me happy the most was the fact that many opponents from this tournament wished me the best and the title because of my poker skills.

David Vamplew and Manig Loeser are Happy

I dont wanna miss my friends during the WSOP.  I live here in Vegas in a house with my Edinburgh flatmate Andrew Teng, David Vamplew, Scott O'Reilly, Manig Loeser and Jamila von Perger.

David Vamplew
David Vamplew happy with his shares.

Especially in the beginning, we actually dont see each other very often. Even my bracelet party was not more than three or four drinks by our pool.

As I said last time I forgot to buy shares from Andrew in the Millionaire Maker and then he finished 4th.

Now Andrew is not staked anymore and must sell shares so Rupert Elder and me bought them. We hope he will continue his hot run.

With my victory I made David Vamplew and Manig Loeser happy. They had each 5 per cent. But these two friends saved my WSOP last year.

Both of them reached a final table and I had shares of them.

Live Cash Gamers = Easy Money

As I said in an interview for PokerListings before the WSOP, I planned to play cash games whenever I busted from a tournament.

Except for one day I've played every night until 3 AM. But I really hope that I can add three or four more cash-game sessions because of the easy money.

I play $5/$10 and $10/$20 NLHE online and I am successful. Here in the live cash games there are a lot of regulars for these limits that haven't played online for a long time.

I fear good $2/$4 online-players more than them in the live cash games. But let’s see what I will say about this in the next few days.


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