Dominik Nitsche's WSOP Diary: Don't Forget to Buy Shares in Andrew Teng

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12 June 2014
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Dominik Nitsche

German poker player Dominik Nitsche is a true poker globetrotter with tournaments played on every continent and big results everywhere he goes.

The WSOP is his annual opportunity to make his biggest goals in poker a reality and he's proven he has what it takes again in 2014 with two (2!) bracelets already in just three weeks.

In his 2014 WSOP Diary Dom will recount his experiences in the heart of poker's signature event.

By Dominik Nitsche

Other people - including my friends - plan the WSOP very strictly. Not me.

I go there and I play every day. Especially the No-Limit Hold'em tournaments. And i really love the massive-field tournaments on the weekend. Tons of dead money.

As I said in an interview with PokerListings before the World Series I'm planning to buy an apartment or house in Edinburgh, Scotland, but the size and the price depends on my results during the WSOP.

So far, so good.

I played the WSOP National Championship in Atlantic City at the end of May and won it. I wasn't sure about the value of this win but everybody called it "my second bracelet“ so I believe it now.

Andrew Teng
Flatmate Andrew Teng

I sold some shares before but the $350k from this victory is a solid bankroll for six weeks in Las Vegas.

Not Seeing Your Flatmates Can Cost You Money

I'm living in Vegas in a house with my Edinburgh flatmate Andrew Teng, David Vamplew, Scott OReilly and my former London flatmate Manig Loeser and his girlfriend Jamila von Perger.

We actually haven't seen each other very often - especially during the beginning of the series. Everyone tries to get a good start at the WSOP. Party time is later.

But that absence could cost money. I forgot to buy shares from Andrew in the Millionaire Maker and then he finished 4th for $465k. I really bit my hand when I heard that.

By the way, he still owes us the party for this.

I've played around 12 events so far. Most of the cheap NLHE tournaments are sort of a relaxation. If I play with high-level players I have to be aware that every spot demands your best poker. Decisions against weak players are way easier.

Can't have a much better start than Nitsche's had do far in 2014.

That's why I love the mass events on the weekends. A lot of tourists play. Tons of dead money. I really try to make my chips in the first level. If I bust, on to the next tournament.

But I also played some other tournaments. PLO for example. And I had a really hard table in the 6-max shootout.

I sat with Sorel Mizzi, Doug Polk (known as WCGRider and for me the best heads-up NLHE player in the world), three guys over 60 and a guy who declared he was color blind.

He pushed all of his chips in in one spot with the statement: "I can't see what value they have, so I have to push all of them."

Check back from more from Dominik every few days at the 2014 WSOP.

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