Dollars in the eyes of WPT Championship contenders

John Phan

Those who hung around for Day 2 of the World Poker Tour Championship aren't going to relinquish their seats without a fight. The hundreds of poker stars and no names still circling the tables have no doubt already daydreamed about posing with a $4 million pile of cash at tournament's end.

This year, 639 players peeled $25,000 from their bankroll to send the total prize pool soaring above the $15 million mark.

Poker royalty too numerous to bother mentioning (pretty much any familiar face who doesn't have a beef with the WPT) has turned up at Bellagio's Fontana Room for a crack at the nearly $4 million first prize.

They aren't likely to turn their noses up at final table spots, though, with six figures promised to the top 20 players and more than a million earmarked for the top three finishers.

In the meantime, player-of-the-moment Anna Wroblewski - hereby known as A-Wrob - is carrying a $211,325 purse into Day 2, putting her just ahead of Sam Farha's $210,700 for the chip lead.

But though two first days are in the books, there's still plenty of poker left between now and the final day April 27.

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Stay with from now until the last player does the walk of shame to the rail.

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