discomonkey boogies to PKR Live victory

Karl Fenton

Karl "discomonkey" Fenton took a trip to the Loose Cannon poker club in London last weekend for PKR Live II and went home a winner.

23-year-old Englishman topped a field of 150 online-poker players taking part in the live game including his friend and rival Simon Wing, who he defeated in heads-up play.

"It was definitely one of the best, most enjoyable and most successful weekends of my life," Fenton said after his win. "I can't thank all of you guys enough for the cheers and the massive support I received throughout the whole weekend. It was an absolute honor."

The live poker weekend for PKR players included a $100 buy-in tournament on Friday, the two-day $75,000 guaranteed main event on the weekend plus a $10,000 Sunday Bounty Freeroll.

The first event was taken down by mockjock, but Fenton also made a good run in that event to land a third-place finish. He then moved on to win the main event over the weekend.

"I have been in the poker world for 40 years and have yet to meet a friendlier crowd than the people who came to the Loose Cannon over the weekend," said Loose Cannon manager Roy Houghton about the PKR event.

PKR Live II also marked the debut of Team PKR Pro.

Team member Andrew "golfpro699" Teng pulled in two cashes during the weekend. He had a 12th-place finish in Friday's event and an 11th-place finish in the main event.

He was topped by teammate Ray "callmebabe" O'Mahoney, who won the Sunday night bounty event.

The final-table results for the events are:

$100 Friday Warm-Up

Place Name Prize
1 mockjock $3,750
2 kaliFProD $2,325
3 discomonkey $1,650
4 Rocafella $1,350
5 kickofff $1,050
6 ovnis $825
7 hicko715 $645
8 PokerrPro $480
9 pokerkate88 $375

$500 Main Event

Place Name Prize
1 discomonkey $20,000
2 tigerwing $12,000
3 AnnDav $8,500
4 gladium $6,500
5 karlthekiller $5,250
6 zlatan35 $4,250
7 Rocken1900 $3,250
8 Whiteshark $2,500
9 Jaam69 $1,850

Bounty Freeroll

Place Name Prize
1 Callmebabe $2,000
2 Numero1uno $1,500
3 Azurecoil $1,100
4 WillyHilditch $900
5 dalipz $750
6 Pekah91 $600
7 MANonFIRE $475
8 Bukbakbaby $375
9 mpalac77 $300

For more information about PKR or its events, visit PKR.

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