Disaster Strikes Galfond in January High Stakes

Phil Galfond
Phil "MrSweets28" Galfond

Upstart online player patpatman soared in January high stakes on PokerStars while Phil Galfond came crashing down.

Still unidentified, the patpatman account didn’t even activate until the first week of this month and has since skyrocketed to nearly $1 million in profit.

On Jan. 24, patpatman peaked with a massive $698k profit in a single day.

The account’s biggest victim is none other than Viktor “Isildur1” Blom who has been ice cold since winning the PCA Super High Roller event for $1.3 million. Patpatman has taken over $400k from Blom. 

Meanwhile Galfond had a truly catastrophic start to the year. He was the biggest loser of the month with $660k in damage.

Galfond has seen worse downswings, but not by much. Volume certainly wasn’t the problem as he recorded more hands than anyone in the top 10 winners.

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Here’s a complete look at the biggest winners and losers over the last month:

Jens Kyllonen
Jens "Jeans89" Kyllonen

Top 10 Online Poker Winners in January

Patpatman was easily the biggest winner in January but there were several other online poker pros who looked particularly dominant to start the year.

Jens “Jeans89” Kyllonen, who always seems to live in the shadow of the more famous fellow Finn Ilari Sahamies, was red hot in January with just short of $700k in profit.

Kyllonen has been remarkably consistent over the years and picked up $1.3 million last year without anyone batting an eye.

Right behind Kyllonen was Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky who amassed $671,000 in profit this month.

Sulsky has proven in the past he has the ability to run with the big dogs but last year was a bit off an off one for the U.S.-born pro as he only earned $239k.

After a brief hiatus from the game, Sulsky reemerged in the second week of January and promptly ran up well over half a million in 22,164 hands.

Some of the other notable winners this month included Phil “takechip” D’Auteil and former professional Warcraft 3 player Davin “mTw_DaviN” Georgi.

Here’s a look at the complete top 10:

1. Patpatman: +$858,000
2. Jeans89: +$698,000
3. Sauce123: +$671,000
4. ragen70: +$608,000
5. Bernard-bb: +$576,000
6. takechip: +$427,000
7. mTw-DaviN: +$349,000
8. BlatchPeople: +$344,000
9. altiFC: +$335,000
10. oogee: +$311,000

Viktor Blom
Viktor "Isildur1" Blom

Top 10 Online Poker Losers in January

There’s just no way around it: Phil “MrSweets28” Galfond got murdered in the January high stakes games.

Galfond played over 50,000 and lost $663k. In the middle of the month there was a two-day span where Galfond lost over $400k, a great deal of which was to Sander “berndsen12” Berndsen.

The mounting losses contributed to a recent blog post by Galfond called Sometimes I Lose, which provides some very interesting insight into what it’s like to go on half-million downswings.

Galfond was obviously not the only player to lose in January and VietRussian and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom both lost over $300k.

Blom gave VietRussian a good beating earlier in the month but then went on to lose several huge sessions to Berndsen12.

Isildur1 was easily the busiest player of the month as he burned through an insane 58,112 hands. Galfond was the only player who came close with 52,2230 hands.

Long90110, who many railbirds still maintain is Tom Dwan, got blasted for $369k.

Finally Zypherin, one of the biggest losers last year, didn’t exactly start 2012 with a bang as he lost $200k.

Here’s a complete look at the top 10 online losers in January:

1. MrSweets28: -$663,000
2. GVOZDIKA55: -$499,000
3. long90110: -$369,000
4. VietRussian: -$369,000
5. Isildur1: -$350,000
6. diggidave: -$244,000
7. Terken89: -243,000
8. roi kin23: -$233,000
9. Try__An__Hit: -$212,000
10. Zypherin: -$200,000

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