Dion Scores, Mizzi Misses in FTOPS Main Event

Sorel Mizzi
Canadian Sorel Mizzi came close to a second FTOPS title.

Canadian poker pro Yann “yadio1111” Dion has won the FTOPS main event, earning over $450,000 and officially ending the 21st Full Tilt Online Poker Series.

Dion prevailed over a massive field of 4,766 in the two-day finale, beating out a tough final table that included the likes of Sorel "Imper1um" Mizzi who finished sixth.

But Dion was by no means the only big winner on Full Tilt Poker this weekend.

No less than ten six-figure scores were awarded on FTP and we've got the full rundown below.

Dion Denies Mizzi Second FTOPS Title

The FTOPS main event concluded just after 5am PST with French-Canadian pro Yann “yadio1111” Dion winning his first FTOPS title.

Dion, who came close to FTOPS glory with a 5th place finish in February of 2011 worth over $132,000, made a deal heads-up this morning with eventual runner-up CSWAMI.

Yann Dion
Yann Dion at the 2012 Aussie Millions.

The final hand saw the money go in preflop with Dion's A-7 holding up against CSWAMI's A-4.

Finishing third was Russian player AmplifiedSample who took down two WCOOP titles this year under his PokerStars screenname Ti0.

The Russian was able to edge out American professional Scott “iRockhoes” Augustine who finished fourth.

Augustine, originally from Pittsburgh but now playing and living in Prague, cashed to the tune of $188k this morning.

Finishing fifth was UK pro Gerald “Aberdonian85” Cochlan. The young gun from Aberdeen has had success online but nothing close to the $140k he pocketed today.

Online and live superstar Sorel “Imper1um” Mizzi was out one spot before Cochlan, adding $97k to the $2.5 million in online earnings he's racked up to date.

Squeaking into the final table and finishing ninth was another North American pro, Steven “Zugwat” Silverman.

Here are the full final-table results for the FTOPS XXI main event:

  • 1. yadio1111 - $453,229
  • 2. CSWAMI - $413,229
  • 3. AmplifiedSample - $253,932
  • 4. iRockhoes - $188,733
  • 5. Aberdonian85 - $140,120
  • 6. Imper1um - $97,226
  • 7. MAMOHT_T - $65,770
  • 8. betrthanphil - $45,753
  • 9. Zugwat - $31,455

Schulz Defeats Hall in High-Stakes FTOPS #31

FTOPS #31 was a $2,100 buy-in two-day super-stack event and thanks to allowing multiple entries it was able to record 699 buy-ins.

Matt Kay
Matt "NoBadBeatsPlz" Kay

After two days of play it was American pro Kevin “A_theKevlar_2” Schulz standing alone in the winners circle with $255k and an FTOPS title.

Schulz agreed to a three-way chop with Scott “stpauli111” Hall with Nicky “nickyluvshu” Tao Jin who took $254k and $192k, respectively.

Finishing sixth was Candian pro Matt "NoBadBeatsPlz" Kay, better known as his alias on PokerStars: ch0ppy.

Here are full final-table results for FTOPS #31:

  • 1. A_theKevlar_2 - $255,780*
  • 2. stpauli111 - $254,659*
  • 3. nickyluvshu - $192,054*
  • 4. KTPOKP - $118,830
  • 5. Seldoon - $90,870
  • 6. ducaticvcc - $62,910
  • 7. NoBadBeatsPlz - $43,338
  • 8. keinebeine - $33,552
  • 9. sonajero - $25,164

*Adjusted to reflect deal.

Ronny “ronnyr37617” Kaiser Wins FTOPS #34

Swiss high-stakes pro Ronny “ronnyr37617” Kaiser beat out a massive field to win his second FTOPS title.

FTOPS #34 was a $256 six-max multi-entry No-Limit Hold'em event that recorded a massive 4,280 buy-ins to create a prize pool that tipped the scales at $856,000.

Kaiser defeated NhFy heads-up to take the title and the $142,609 first-place prize. In total 600 places were paid in this event.

Here are the full final-table results for FTOPS #34:

  • 1. ronnyr37617 - $142,609
  • 2. NhFy - $94,160
  • 3. FETTSTUHL - $68,480
  • 4. RuDyBoY X - $48,792
  • 5. nollus - $31,672
  • 6. kylejf - $19,688

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