Die hard Poker fans aim for Olympics.

Earlier,I used to think Poker was played by the people in their dotage...

How things have changed???

Now poker has not only become one of the most popular activities among college students, it is also becoming a rage country-wide with the World Series of Poker on ESPN and many other such shows which we have been watching on every cable channel.

What I fail to figure out how come poker which is none other than a ridiculous card game is gaining so much popularity….

What is behind all this hype?

Can you believe the audacity of hard core poker fans, they are all set to see poker as one of the games played in Olympics… Yes I am not joking; this news was even difficult for me to digest. They argue that if Chess can be included why not poker.

I, for one always thought that Olympics encouraged games where there is abundance of athletic competition and athletic skill - so I ask you, where does poker or chess fit in? But Hey you die hard fans of poker get up you need a reality check, if chess is allowed it may be due to the brains you need to make your moves correctly, you need Intelligence, for heavens sake can you honestly tell me you need that for Poker…

Yeah, I know all about the straight face, blank face, no expressions and skill to bluff... Wait…. I see majority of so called 'aces' wearing hats, scarves and shades… what for… to cover up, guise their expressions, no other reason. Thus, I think it's asking for too much to include Poker in Olympics.

Logically speaking Poker has the same worth as Go Fish, you need the same level of talent, and concentration, so let's include it along with Poker.

Honestly people if Poker is taken as sport, than what about Video games, you need equal concentration, and focus and of course the understanding of the game. So people who play great football or tennis on video games should be allowed in Olympics too.

Wow, what a revamp... will Olympics ever mean the same. Seriously, I am anxiously awaiting the ratings...

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